Thursday, May 04, 2006

The air and sea show is suppose to be making its way to South Florida. I just dont feel it needs to place apart of news segments everyday leading up to the event. Its bad enough they have commericals advertising the event, but know they are making it apart of a news broadcast often. There are alot of things that are happening around the state of Florida that needs coverage.

I understand they are trying to break up hard news coverage, but it needs to be done once or twice not throughout each news broadcast.

Media people need to reconsider the topics they cover. I think it would bring more to the news segment if they kept it a bit professional.

I child was injured as he was riding his bike from school on Palmetto in Boca Raton. Apparently, the young boy was riding his bike on the sidewalk with a friend when he was hit by an oncoming car. The child was brought to the hospital by paramedics, but injuries have not yet been released to the public.

I know the child was not suppose to be traveling on a main intersection, but it is also the responsibilty of the driver to be careful when pedestrians are crossing the street. I know it was an accident but it is still unfair to child and the family. Adults need to take responsibilty of our children and not disregard them as objects.

Missing the point!

The media is usually critized for the news they cover. This time I am going to talk about the news they don't cover.

What ever happened to the bird flu epidemic? From previoulsy covered material, the disease is suppose to make it's way to the United States. Why is the topic not be covered anymore? Due to the fact that the disease has already infected people all around the world, this topic needs to be coverage continously.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

What is the problem?

An old woman was killed this morning as she was taking out the trash in West Palm Beach.

The woman was struck by a vehicle and the driver left her for dead.
I am so tired of see and hearing about these types of accidents. People continue to do the most unethical thing everyday. Why didn’t he pull over and help the women. Stories like this really break my heart and I wish Americans can be more compassionate towards each other.


Media representatives’ needs to do a better job in the type of news that are covered.

I just found it ironic the news coverage that took place when the World Trade Center blew up on September 11th.

It was no secret that terrorist were after the death of the president, but still they continued to report on his whereabouts.

What really blew my mind is when the president had his state of the union speech and they pointed out a divided nation.

I just feel there is a thin line between media and the news. I think certain things should not be pointed out or covered if it’s going to place the nation in danger.

For instance, we are American and a united front is what other countries should see versus they chaos that was aired all over the world. It’s amazing! What if Bush was killed because they were reporting where he was going?

Journalism wouldn’t be journalism if the whole truth is not reported.

There needs to be a median between news and the world.

Bush picks Fox’s Snow to be the press secretary of the United States.

I knew the White House was suppose be shaken up a bit, but I was not expecting such changes.

Okay, yeah he is a qualified candidate because he has a substantial amount of knowledge about the White House and the way it operates; considering he has been covering the beat for over 15 years. But is he a representative that the public can look up to as an important ambassador for the US?

His work throughout the years are influential, but let’s be honest, he doesn’t fit the ideal look of a US representative. He is too cool, calm and collective for my taste. Even with a suit on, I can help to think back on his career as a radio journalist.

Call me a conservative!

I do think he would be a great addition to the White House because of the ideas he can bring forth, but physically he lacks the look of a US representative.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What is going on?

Is it me or is everyone resigning from under the Bush administration. The press secretary of the United States resigned from his position today.

I hope they don’t think replacing a couple of people that work for the white house will improve the chances for Bush’s presidential rate to increase? I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s not going to work.

Certain things were promised to the American people and those things have not yet been accomplished. We are disgusted and upset! It is way too late to try to make changes now.

As a young man goes on a rampage, two registered sex offenders are killed in Maine.

Apparently, Steven Marshall killed two men while they were at home with a pistol. Police say Marshall decided to kill these two men because of the crime they have committed against innocent people.

He was able to access their home address and the crime they were charged for by the state on an on-line website that provides a list of sex offenders that live around the area. Steven Marshall fled the scene and later killed himself once officers found his whereabouts.

I find this unfortunate that these men were killed. Yes, they committed a crime, but they served their time in prison. Most people don’t understand the uncontrollable impulse that causes these people act out these types of crimes. This type of information should not be accessible to the public because things like this may continue to happen.

Two duke lacrosse players were indicted and arrested for kidnapping and rapping an exotic dancer, but charges have been dropped.

The stripper made claims that she was locked inside a room, held down, and raped.

Many people were skeptical about this case because they feel the girl was after money.

But who says the wealthy can not commit heinous crimes? Remember the Menendez family? They were rich and killed both of their parents.

In this case, a crime was not committed. But the point I am trying to make is a crime has no social status or color.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

According to CNN, our school system in the United States is suffering and is below average.

Duh, I could have told you that!!!!

The US is operating on a school system that was designed for the 1950’s. That is why many children in the America read and write on an 8th grade level.

Did anyone stop and think maybe we need to upgrade our system to match technological advances we accomplish everyday.

That is the problem now; society is consumed with trying to live everyday versus trying to help our children live. WE NEED TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! The government needs to take a look at the way the system operates.

Though it would work huh?

A couple’s attempt to receive additional cash and gift cards to pay bills turned into a sprawl of lies when the couple admitted to lying to the public about giving birth to a set of sextuplets.

Apparently, the couple told the public they had six children and in turn received a van, clothing, washing machine, and funds to pay their bills. A real estate agent was working on getting the family a new home.

The couple went to their local police department and told them the truth. The couple will face felony charges if they collected over $500 dollars in cash from the public.

This story is a depiction of how America’s economy is suffering and most of all how morals have been lost in the mist of chaos.

What do you want me to say? It was wrong? No, I’m not. What I am going to say is….. maybe we need to look at ourselves and the country we reside and ask what can be done and what needs to be done to improved our circumstances so people wouldn’t have to go to the extreme to lie.


According to CNN, former President Bush decided to invest 2 million dollars into reconstructing his son’s childhood home. It is definitely his prerogative to rebuild his home that holds many memories, but I feel the airtime is frankly unnecessary.

His project will not benefit me in any way because I do not plan on visiting the site. How will it benefit citizens? What….pay a price to visit the home? COME ON!

There are too many things happening in the world right now to be wrapped up into a story that has no meaning. We are at war in Iraq; the rich is getting richer, education is slipping, no health insurance! The need to reconstruct the economy is something that should take up air time, not the reconstruction of the former president home.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Child Abandoned

A child was abandoned in Liberty City.

Witnesses say they saw a car pull over to the side of the road and let a little girl out. As the car rushed off, witnesses say the young child ran after the car screaming out “daddy.”

This story seems a bit suspicious to me. The child was well groomed and feed. This doesn’t seem like a case where the person tried to abandon their child. I think there were circumstances surrounding this case. Maybe they were trying to escape from something or maybe trying to save their daughter from wickedness. Who knows!

Weapon of Mass Destruction

Iran has launched its second high-speed underwater missile test.

The new missile will be capable of destroying large warships and submarines. The underwater missile has a speed of 223 miles per hour, which makes it three or four times faster than a torpedo.

The arrival of the new missile raises the concern over the power Iran will have over the Gulf. I think this raises concern for everyone that is not allies with Iran including the United States.

Knowing that Iran has such a powerful weapon that can be utilized during a war makes me feel uncomfortable. What the media needs to do is cover a story that informs the public what kind of weapons the US has to fight back the new missile to ensure the safety of Americans fighting at war.

The Return!

Jill Carroll, a freelance writer for the Christian Science Monitor, was finally released from captivity. Carol returned home to Boston after being held hostage for 3 months in Baghdad.

Apparently, kidnappers took Carol hostage because Iraqi women were being imprisoned.
They demanded the US army to release female prisoners for Carol’s discharge.

The government should have released the women/men as soon as they were notified of Carol’s disappearance. Why did it take the US army so long to respond? It just seems that the government is willing to let Americans die for a cause that no one desires!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It’s About Time Someone Did It!

A judge orders a mental health evaluation for Lionel Tate, which was the youngest person to be sentenced to jail for accidentally killing a child in a game of wrestling.

Tate has been imprisoned since the age of 12. I’m sure his mental capacity could not wrap itself around what was happening in his life. He killed a person by accident and then goes to prison. That is a lot for a child to go through in a short period of time.

To be honest, all he is familiar with is the prison walls he lived in during his adolescent stage where he was subject to other inmates that were there for more extreme crimes. I think he should be placed in a mental home where he can properly be treated for his mental problems.

No Way!

According to CNN Headline News, South Carolina may be the second state in the US to penalize second-time sex offenders by the death penalty.

Who died and made it possible for “man” to decide when another human being is put to death or not? Am I the only person that sees something wrong this picture?

People that commit crimes should be punished, but not by the death penalty. If there were some type of rehab program that criminals can go through after they have been imprisoned, maybe they wouldn’t relapse.

We spend so much money on war and technology and forget about things that are necessary; like programs to help those that have been imprisoned to learn how to live amongst other citizens or programs to help senior citizens with medical assistance.

The death penalty is not the answer! There are other alternatives that can be used.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigration Laws….

The US Senate decided to make immigration laws a bit stricter.

I think this is a great idea for the senate to take part in because illegal immigrants need to either become a citizen or return to their native land. I understand that we live in the “land of the free” and everyone wants to be apart of it, but the way to be apart of it is by going through correct procedures to gain citizenship.

Think about it… What if I went to Switzerland or Spain? I would have to become a citizen to live and to work there and learn their language to survive. The same thing should apply to the US.

In many ways, this encourages illegal aliens to pursue a green card/citizenship or a gain a temporary work visa.

I’m not against immigrants, I just feel that people that come to America need to go through correct procedures to gain citizenship and learn the American language.

Come....but come legally!